Pierre Gagnaire, Paris, 2010

Green asparagus de Pertuis: thin round slices of squill fish, square of burrata cheese/cucumber seasoned with lemon; mousseline sauce. Black olive infusion flavored with with old balsamic vinegar, melted sorrel and dominos of gruyere cheese from Garde. Cardamom velvety soup, granita.
Grilled thinly sliced sole with broad beans, stems of leeks, celery, and green pepper; miso liebig and a veil of squid flavored with ink
Fresh morel mushrooms flavored with licorice, laid on a bed of vegetables and aromatic herbs; iced turnip and craterellus mushrooms
Thin slices of black grouper seared in a nut-brown butter, oyster and capucine leaves; small Palamos king prawns flavored with amontillado
Salt cod “brandade” in a bisque, grated green apple en amertume
Dog cockles, clams, and razor clams with chanterelle mushrooms, spinach, and parmesan cheese gnocchi; foie gras soup flavored with maniguette
Shavings of Ossau-Iraty cheese, roulette salad, cordifole, and green lentils

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