Momofuku Ko, New York, 2013

The photographs I place in some of my posts are rather dark because of dim restaurant lighting; but at least you are seeing the food as it was presented to me. At Momofuku Ko, no photographs are allowed. Restaurants should really rethink this rule; what makes you want to try a place more than provocative images? So close your eyes and picture this…

Spicy fried pork skin

Lobster with blueberry and grains of paradise (like black pepper and citrusy)

Scallop with dried aji amarillo (a Peruvian yellow pepper) and pickled tomatillo

Mackerel with watermelon and sesame sauce

Sea urchin parfait with cucumber, macademia nuts, honeydew melon broth, avocado, onion, mint oil, and creme fraiche

Smoked soft-poached egg, caviar, fried fingerling potatoes, caramelized onion puree, and pickled onion

English pea tortellini with crab broth, grated Marcona almond, saffron, and piquillo pepper (a sweet, mild pepper)

Grilled Arctic char in dashi with chanterelles, cherry tomatoes, and yuzu

Chicken breast with chicken leg sausage stuffed under the skin, black olive puree, anchovies, schmaltz (chicken fat), and vinegar

Riesling gelee, lychee, pine nut brittle, and a shaving of frozen foie gras

Very thin chocolate cake, wintergreen sorbet, cherries confit, cherry foam, and salt


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