Field Trip to Polyface Farm

This is sustainable farming at its best; Joel Salatin has created a small ecosystem at Polyface Farm. We went to pick up our Thanksgiving turkey, which we reserved a few weeks ago. As we approached the farm, I rolled down the windows and said, “It smells good out here!” My boyfriend replied, “That’s manure you smell.” Well, I have to admit that I was raised in cattle country, Texas, and pastures just smell like home to me… A friendly Great Pyrenees greeted us at our car, and all around we heard chickens clucking away. It seemed like a utopia, a real-life “animal farm.” Is this what the world would be like if animals ruled? Maybe. I know I feel better about buying pastured animals and fowl, which are not crowded or cooped up. To learn more about Polyface Farm, go to:


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