Cheese Course


Whether you serve this as an appetizer before Thanksgiving dinner or just before dessert (as the French would do), it’s perfect for gatherings…

Find a high-quality whole Camembert or brie de Meaux, and use a butter knife to scrape off some of the white mold (although it is edible and completely delicious, you will need to make a crust stick later). Use a serrated knife to cut in half (or in thirds, as in the photo). Peel and slice thinly a crisp apple, and heat up a pan on low heat with a tablespoon of butter. When the butter starts to foam, put in the apples in one layer. Turn them after a few minutes (you want them cooked but not brown or mushy), and then add a splash of calvados (apple brandy). Faites attention (be careful); the alcohol could ignite! Remove the apple slices and allow to cool completely before layering on the cheese. In a food processor, finely grind some walnuts. After reassembling the cheese, roll in the walnuts.

Truc (Tip): You can make this ahead and place back in the refrigerator; just make sure to remove it a few hours before serving to bring to room temperature.


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