What can you make with this?


Make a butternut squash gratin! Your oven will already be on at around 325 degrees, and maybe you can spare a shallow rack above or below the turkey…

Peel a squash (or two if they are small), half vertically, and scoop out the seeds. Make slices across halves about half an inch thick. Butter a gratin dish and layer the squash with a light dusting of freshly ground nutmeg. Pour cream over the top until the bottom of the dish is covered up to about an inch. Sprinkle grated parmesan or gruyere to cover the top and place in the oven to heat the gratin until bubbling and melted (approximately 30 minutes) right before serving. You can use pommes de terre in place of squash.

Truc (Tip): To brown the top, place under the broiler for a few minutes.


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