Roasted Chicken


I know it sounds simple; we have all roasted a chicken… But how many times has your chicken been dry or overcooked (especially the breast)? And how many tricks have you tried, such as roasting the chicken on its breast or sitting straight up on some device? The most foolproof chicken roasting technique that I have found actually is the easiest. Pat dry your chicken, massage into the cavity and skin salt and pepper, and roast for an hour (or until juices run clear) in a preheated 450-degree oven. It comes out perfect every time.

For a slight variation, see Thomas Keller’s simple recipe:

Truc (Tip): A roasted chicken serves so many purposes. For example, you can have a dinner for two with the legs, along with some roasted vegetables; and then the next day you can have a lovely lunch with the cold, sliced breast and a salad. With the carcass, you can make a stock that will be the base for a soup (see “Chicken Dinners”) or some “lentilles du Puy” (another post).


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