Orange Peel Confit


These little slivers of orange ornamented our holiday party dessert table and tasted like a citrus explosion! You can use them to garnish a chocolate cake or chop them up and incorporate into cookies.

It is really imperative that you get organic oranges to avoid the pesticides trapped on the rind with wax…

To make, peel oranges by cutting along the curve, and slice into strips. Squeeze as much as possible of the juice from the peeled oranges through a strainer and set aside. Place orange peel strips in a pot and cover them with cold water. Heat to boiling, remove from heat, drain, and cover again with cold water. You will blanch the peel like this three times to eliminate any bitterness. Pour the orange juice into a measuring cup and add water until you have a quart of liquid; place this, two cups of sugar, and the peel in a pot and bring to a simmer. Confit on low heat for one hour, and then drain and cool on a rack.

Truc (Tip): You can serve in all their glazed glory or roll in granulated sugar. Another idea is to dip them in dark chocolate, leaving part of the orange exposed (as shown).


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