Les Enfants Rouges

Translation: the red children… This tiny restaurant, near the Marche des Enfants Rouges, is on the site of a 16th-century orphanage where the children wore the color of charity–red.

The chef, Dai Shinozuka, used to work at Le Comptoir, and his new restaurant is a mom-and-pop establishment; he runs it with his charming wife, Tomoko. The service is exceptional, by the way. The chef even peeked out of the kitchen and thanked us for coming as we left.

Well, the food was fabulous from our first courses of barely-cooked daurade royale with noodles and foie gras terrine to dessert. The main courses were veal tongue with cockles (baby clams) and braised endives, and venison cooked in blood and red wine with celeriac puree. Dessert was baba au rhum (see an earlier post, “That’s baba au rhum, Baby!”) and chocolate terrine with toasted rice and coffee gelee.

We had three courses at 35 euros each (plus a supplemented course), which is an unbelievable value!









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