The Story of the Truffle Macarons


A typical scenario for me in Paris: waiting in line at Pierre Herme to buy macarons.

This time, there were more flavors that I had not tried—three with foie gras. We chose chocolate and foie gras, which were surprisingly complementary. Two other stand-out combinations were lemon and spices and cassis and violet.

One we did not try was truffle and hazelnut. We asked for a box of sixteen macarons, which we picked. When mon petit ami chose truffle and hazelnut, the server said she could not place truffle with any other flavor because it would make the whole box taste like truffles. He conceded, and then asked if she might leave out the truffle ones. To this, she replied that she could not leave space inside the box because the macarons would slide into each other and break. Alors, we did not take any truffle macarons…

We will return, though, and stand in line again, and buy a whole box devoted to truffle macarons. And we will not consider it a sacrifice.


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