What is cassoulet? Read on:

Do you really have to break the bread crumb crust seven times to make cassoulet? And which beans are the best to use? Here is a “simplified” recipe:


4 thoughts on “Cassoulet

  1. Hi Christine, The article in the New Yorker is a really nice one, but I’m feeling somewhat iffy about the saveur recipe, I can’t get to grips with the carrots, and the large amount of bread crumbs. Have a look at my latest post for another take on this yummy dish, if you like.

    1. Thanks! I did look at your post and it does look yummy. I think the idea behind the bread crumbs in the Saveur recipe is that all of the fat is absorbed to make a scrumptious crust. Anyway, there are so many variations of this recipe, you really have to experiment until you find the one you like…

      1. Hi Christine,

        I have since found out why the crust was supposed to be stirred in seven times: the cassoulet would be made one day in a huge pot, and then re-heated for the rest of the week, thus stirring in the crust in every day when it was being heated up again.

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