Making Marinara

An exceptional article on marinara sauce, which includes recipes and videos, expounds San Marzano canned tomatoes. “San Marzano” is simply an heirloom variety, which is said to be sweeter than other tomatoes. In Italy, certain cans of San Marzanos are from the Valle del Sarno and are labeled “DOP” (a protected designation of origin); these are almost impossible to procure in the U.S., but see which domestic brands are best:


One thought on “Making Marinara

  1. I love it. Thanks for this article, Christine! Lidia Bastianich said that she uses the Cento brand. Stores don’t have a lot of this brand on stock and it is more expensive than the other brands. But I found it at Whole Foods for $5.00 and at Target for $3.50. It tastes so different from the Muir Glen, 365, or San Marzano brands. I buy it for marinara only. I want to try this recipe. Great tips.

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