Are you worth your salt at seasoning?


I often say in my recipes, “season to taste” or “taste and season.” This is adequate when you are cooking at home. After all, you have only yourself (and maybe your family and friends) to please. But how do you know if your taste buds are fine-tuned? It is true that most restaurant and prepared food is over-salted, so if that is your starting point you may be in trouble. My advice is that less is more–you want salt to enhance the flavors of the main ingredients, and that is all. Here are more tips on seasoning:

Truc (Tip): Use kosher salt for purity, because iodized salt can be metallic-tasting.

Also, mon petit ami says never to pour directly from a shaker or box. It’s helpful to feel the flakes between your fingers as you sprinkle, so we keep a bowl of salt next to the stove.


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