Foolproof Poached Eggs

There are tricks for poaching eggs, such as putting vinegar in the water and using various contraptions, but this preparation from mon amour, a French chef, is special.

Simply put, it is a sous vide technique, which is cooking slowly at a low temperature under water. Bring a pot of water to 145 degrees F; place some eggs (not too many or the temperature will drop drastically) in the water, shells and all; and wait 45 minutes. Cool them in a cold bath if you are using them later. You can rewarm them by gently breaking the shell and releasing the perfectly poached egg into a shallow strainer and immersing in warm water for a few minutes (being careful not to recook). Always drain poached eggs in a strainer and blot on a towel to dry.

Truc (Tip): For a delightful way to serve the delicate egg, see my post “Salade Lyonnaise.”


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