Au Plein Air


Spring is in the air! Or at least it was today, and I will take it. What better way to rid yourself of the winter blues than to dine outdoors with bright vegetables, sunny eggs, and a summertime rose? Mon amour made this version of a salade nicoise, a dish from Nice, which is ever-changing depending on what is in season.

Here are the classic ingredients of the composed salad on which you can elaborate:

nicoise olives (but any olives will do)
tuna in oil (that’s right–canned tuna, or you can use seared fresh tuna)
soft-boiled eggs
olive oil

And here are commonly added elements:

green onions
peeled, cooked fava beans
cooked artichokes
cooked green beans
cooked baby potatoes
red peppers (raw or roasted)
herbs (such as basil, tarragon, or chives)

“A Simple Vinaigrette” (see a previous post) with vinegar or lemon juice is perfect to pour over the platter. You can also mince some garlic and whisk into the melange.

Don’t forget your sunglasses!


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