The Supreme Grapefruit



In culinary terms, “supreme” is a French technique used for citrus fruits. For a salad, it’s the best way to serve them.

First, cut off the top and bottom of a grapefruit, for instance. And then cut the peel from around the sides, following the curve. Slice within each section inside the separations, as shown. Squeeze the juices from the core to use in a vinaigrette (see my post “A Simple Vinaigrette”).

Suggested uses:

Serve a salad of grapefruit sections and avocado slices with a grapefruit juice vinaigrette.

With roasted beets (scrub and place on foil; drizzle with olive oil; season, wrap, and roast on a half-sheet pan for about 30 minutes or until tender) and goat cheese, grapefruit sections and a grapefruit juice vinaigrette brighten and delight.

An elegant dessert is grapefruit sections and lychees in sparkling wine and grapefruit juice with zest. In Paris in January, fresh lychees were everywhere; you just had to peel and pit. They are out of season now, but you can find them canned.


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