Spring a Leek


It’s the time of year when baby vegetables are available; and among these, leeks. The tender bulb can be left intact, and not chopped; and even the green leaves are edible. When the leek is fully grown, fibers prevent preparations of the whole leek and the green part must be discarded (or used in stocks). Buy them the size of a full-grown scallion or green onion.

The mild onion flavor pairs well with beef, and this sauce is simple:

Trim baby leeks of the roots and only the ends of the leaves and blanch in salted water, shocking in iced water (to keep the greenness). Saute a shallot in a few tablespoons of butter until soft, splash in a little dry vermouth or white wine, and add about a cup of heavy cream. Place leeks in sauce, season, and simmer until tender. For presentation, top with the seared steak of your choice (hanger appears here).


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