This edgy restaurant in the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao reflects the organic shapes of Gehry’s building…IMG_0542-1.JPG

The dining room contains curvilinear chairs and tables with flowing fabric:

Chef Alija’s plates share the undulating design, as in these tomatoes injected with herb-infused syrup in a caper sauce:IMG_0538-0.JPG

Here is a circular stewed spinach with green almonds and olive oil:IMG_0539-1.JPG

And seen here are waves of asparagus, avocado, and arugula puree:IMG_0535.JPG

Shrimps are scalloped atop cauliflower cream and radishes:IMG_0532.JPG

Cod tripes are curled up over crab broth with onion:IMG_0534-0.JPG

An exhibition is made naturally of tuna in pepper and tomato water:IMG_0533-0.JPG

Domed duck foie gras is displayed adjacent to pickled carrots:IMG_0531-9.JPG

Billowing high above strawberries and rose is coconut and black pepper cream:IMG_0527-8.JPG

And this is a square chocolate peg with spicy marzipan sand in a round hole:IMG_0546.JPG


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