At the three-Michelin-starred Maison Lameloise in Chagny, France, you will receive a warm welcome. For three generations, this family-owned business had a Lameloise as a chef, and since 2008 the chef has been Eric Pras. There is no hot and cold here; the food is consistently delicious.

We started with an abundance of amuse-bouches in the lounge, among them fish marshmallows and foie gras lollipops. The little black balls were individual escargots in a liquid garlic butter, which were particularly tasty.

 This soup of cod in a parsley potato cream with fish roe on top was perfect.

 Of course, when in Burgundy, you must drink Burgundy, of which there is an extensive list.

 Oysters hot and cold included tempura-style ones on sticks and raw ones in a gel of their own water and red cabbage with foie gras sauce.

 Langoustines, also hot and cold, were cooked with puffed rice and prepared as a tartare in a celery mustard custard topped with a green apple gel.

 Lobster bourguignon had all the elements of a boeuf bourguignon: caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon, and red wine sauce. The braised claws accompanied on the side.

 The sweetbreads were in a crispy crust on a parsley mousse with salsify and truffle.

 Pre-desserts were lychee sorbet and grapefruit granita with little creams of cherry, tonka, and cassis.

 A beautiful apple tart flavored with bergamot followed.

 And a classic crepe Suzette, flames and all, left us feeling satisfied.


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