Per Se

Per Se is inherently Thomas Keller; we were served some classics we had had at The French Laundry (see my post “The French Laundry”), such as the smoked salmon cone and oysters with “pearls.”

 iPad wine list and sesame seed cone with smoked salmon and creme fraiche

Oysters and “pearls”

Veal heart and pain perdu terrine with fried onions

Foie gras poached in Sauternes with brioche

Halibut with baby squash in saffron sauce

Lobster in blanquette sauce with morels

 Quail presse with peas in quail jus

Lamb and potato “mille-feuille” in a lamb and beet jus

Vermont cow’s milk cheese with plum conserves

Olive oil cake with strawberries and cream

Burnt honey ice cream with nougatine

Dark chocolate mousse with butterscotch cream

Coffee ice cream and donut holes

Assorted mignardies, including raspberry and yuzu macarons


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