La Folie

It is not madness that leads you to La Folie in San Francisco. This one-Michelin-starred restaurant in Russian Hill is cozy and refined at the same time. Many of the menu items are from local farms. There are multiple options, including a tasting menu and set prices for three, four, or five courses. It makes perfect sense…

  Two amuse-bouches: an oyster with caviar and cucumber foam and a quail egg with creamed corn and crunchy potato tuile

Osetra caviar and lobster claw with blinis
 Escargots and bone marrow in parsley sauce 

Sweetbread, lobster, and pork feet terrine on lentils

 Lobster risotto with peas

Mussel-stuffed calamari in a tomato and pepper sauce 

 Rabbit four ways: ribs, loin, braised legs, and liver in jus with baby root vegetables 

Squab and quail in a potato crust with a quail egg and summer vegetables 


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