Orange you glad I posted this?

If you have leftover oranges or clementines, this bejeweled dessert makes a gorgeous alternative to heavier ones… Make a spiced syrup by simmering two cups of red wine, a half-cup of sugar, four juniper berries, two cloves, one cinnamon stick, and the zest of an orange for about an hour or until a bit thickened. Supreme (see my post “The Supreme Grapefruit”) oranges or clementines … Continue reading Orange you glad I posted this?

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Quenelle Cone

The origin of the French word “quenelle” comes from the German “knodel,” which means dumpling. The French version typically is meat or fish whipped with egg whites and formed into an egg shape for poaching in a sauce. The term “quenelle” also can refer to this form applied to other foods, such as ice cream: Continue reading Quenelle Cone

Salad Days As we approach the summer solstice (aka first day of summer), and Father’s Day this year, spend some time outdoors—on a picnic, a barbecue, or a fishing trip! Pack a few salads (and not just green ones) to keep you cool and hydrated in a full day of sun… Let your inner child take over and create some playful combinations. Here are a … Continue reading Salad Days

Marinated Mushrooms

 You might see pickled mushrooms popping up on restaurant menus; these are milder and less aggressive in a flavorful vinaigrette for a satisfying salad. They can be served as an appetizer or side and are vegetarian and vegan friendly… Simmer four peeled garlic cloves and stems of thyme in a cup of olive oil until fragrant—about ten minutes. Remove from heat for about ten minutes, … Continue reading Marinated Mushrooms

That’s Mr. Chocolate to you…

Jacques Torres, the master candy man renowned for his chocolates, makes a wicked hot chocolate. It is so thick that a [plastic] spoon will stick straight up in it, and the spicy variety will make your hair stand on end. You can find one of his Wonkaesque chocolate factories in New York, or you can order the mix online: Truc (Tip): You can also … Continue reading That’s Mr. Chocolate to you…