This chilled Spanish soup is ideal for a summer meal… Here is a rough ratio of ingredients, but it’s best to taste as you go: Stem and seed five medium heirloom tomatoes and a red pepper, and peel a seedless cucumber and two cloves of garlic. Process with a few tablespoons of sherry vinegar, twice as much extra-virgin olive oil, and a few pinches of salt. This is your base, to which you can add more of the chopped vegetables, including red onion, toasted bread crumbs or croutons, parsley or basil, and even cooked fish or shellfish. You can also strain it first for a smoother soup. Drizzle with more olive oil before serving.

Truc (Tip): A chef I know says you should use enough vinegar to taste it!

The Four Seasons Space

This modern bastion of architecture, designed by Philip Johnson, deserves a fresh face (or faces, as the case may be)…

Quenelle Cone

The origin of the French word “quenelle” comes from the German “knodel,” which means dumpling. The French version typically is meat or fish whipped with egg whites and formed into an egg shape for poaching in a sauce. The term “quenelle” also can refer to this form applied to other foods, such as ice cream:


 I have to admit that ever since the top portion of my wine refrigerator broke, I have been storing most whites and reds at the same temperature—a cool 15 degrees C (59 F). This works at my house because the favorites around here are heavier whites and lighter reds from Burgundy. Will Lyons asks, and answers, “Is my red wine cold enough?”

Food Tech

Wait, food technology? Aren’t we getting further away from real food? No, in fact one movement in France aims to do away with supermarkets entirely and link farmers directly to consumers. How? Through an app, naturally…

Alice’s Adventures in Aioli

Alice Waters of Chez Panisse makes her aioli completely by hand. Using the right proportions is important, and here is the recipe in a Mark Bittman article (see my posts “Mock Turtle Soup” and “Mayonnaise”):


Here is a way to celebrate the Fourth of July and Bastille Day in one meal; feast your eyes on this video by Jacques Pepin:

Wine Down 

with this list from The Wine Enthusiast of its top 100 wine restaurants in the U.S. (by region):

A Server Is Not a Servant

I have empathy for the experienced server being interviewed in this Washington Post article; she has some excellent points about “entitled” customers…


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