French Food

It appears that inspiration in the U.S. is pouring in from Paris; brasserie fare is making a comeback. Bienvenu, oh, coq au vin!

A Good Egg

I remember the first time I bought eggs in France… It was at a little corner shop, where I searched and searched the refrigerated section. When I asked the clerk where were the eggs, he pointed to a shelf behind me. Mon dieu! But it turns out it’s not necessary to chill your eggs. We buy fresh farm eggs in the States that are sitting in the sun on a table at the market and have never had a problem.

Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

Read all about the Austrian-born sommelier of Le Bernardin whose name is on the new spinoff wine bar next door.

A Meatless Menu

Famous chef Alain Ducasse is reopening his restaurant in the Plaza Athenee in Paris as mostly vegetarian. He says it is a move to be more responsible with our resources.


This minimalist restaurant in the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao is as undulating inside as Gehry’s building is outside… Even the kitchen is a clean, curvilinear space… Chef Alija’s plates share the simplicity and organic shapes, like these tomatoes injected with herb-infused syrup in a caper sauce: Here is a spectacular stewed spinach with green almonds and … Continue reading


In a little coastal fishing village called Getaria, Spain, Elkano has grilled turbot on its menu…


Chef Glocker is raising the decibel level in his new restaurant Batard. The New York Times reviewer gives it three stars…


In the Rioja region in Spain, rivers and valleys make way for vineyards. The soil is superb for grapes such as tempranillo and garnacha. Among the appellations is Bodegas Muga, a historic winery in Haro. Muga produces a red wine with fruits such as blackberry and spices such as black pepper. It pairs well with grilled game meat or seared steak. Salud!

Eureka Zureko!

Zureko in San Sebastian, Spain, is a gold mine of pintxos (Basque tapas). You will strike it rich, whichever ones you choose. No fooling–they taste as good as they look!


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