Extra Eggs


After the Easter bunny visits, and you have eaten all of the chocolates, you probably have extra boiled eggs… Now what you need is an asparagus salad! It’s the beginning of the season, and you should be able to find the freshest. Just blanch them to taste and drizzle on any vinaigrette (see my post “A Simple Vinaigrette”). Hop into spring!

Truc (Tip): Peel the ends of your spears for a finer presentation that leaves them more tender.

White’s Whoosh!

Marco Pierre White, maybe the first rockstar chef, “wrote” White Heat twenty-five years ago. An updated edition takes a look back at how he influenced others, including Gordon Ramsay.


Chez l’Ami Jean

   Chef Stephane Jego has his own style at Chez l’Ami Jean. At the start, this little bistro served Basque food; with Jego in the kitchen it’s all about French classics. When it comes to cooking trends, he is a lone wolf. For instance, we were presented with this plate and told it was nouvelle … Continue reading

Pierre Herme Encore

How many times have I written an ode to Pierre Herme macarons (see my posts “Pierre Herme Macarons” and “The Story of the Truffle Macarons”)? They are well worth the praise, and especially at this little shop in the Marais in Paris…


Here are some interesting flavors for your pleasure: rose and quince, jasmine with mango and grapefruit, milk chocolate with passion fruit, olive oil with mandarin orange, vanilla and violet with cassis.

April in Paris 


Spring has sprung in Paris! Asparagus is new on the menu, and these from Les Enfants Rouge (see my post “Les Enfants Rouge”) are delicious. With a cassis mustard vinaigrette, garlic mayonnaise, and watercress, they make you feel refreshed.

Maison Joseph Drouhin


Maison Joseph Drouhin has been a winemaker and merchant since 1880, and his great grandchildren run the business now. The Beaune caves that once belonged to dukes and kings are much older, dating back to the twelfth century. The house was one of the first to adopt biodynamic farming. If you see the name on a bottle of Burgundy or Willamette Valley, consider it a sign of quality.



 At the three-Michelin-star Maison Lameloise in Chagny, France, you will feel right at home. For three generations, this family-owned business had a Lameloise as a chef–since 2008, the chef has been Eric Pras. It has managed to maintain a high standard all these years…    We started with an abundance of amuses bouches in the lounge, … Continue reading

Not-too-shabby Chablis


In Chablis, we tasted Grand Cru next to Premier Cru and preferred the first growth…

Of course, the cru expresses only the potential of a particular terroir, not exactly the quality. Grand Cru has the highest probability of achieving great heights, and Premier Cru follows.


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