Giving Thanks for Value Wine

I like to share good value wine, and this one happens to be perfect for Thanksgiving. When you are serving a crowd or just a big family, you want to keep the wine flowing without breaking the bank (remember, Christmas shopping is around the corner). And this Macon-Villages is readily available in quantity (I found it at Whole Foods).

Macon-Villages will pair well with almost any traditional Thanksgiving dish, including starters such as gougeres, as well as turkey and buttery mashed potatoes with gravy. For a few recipes and more wines, search my site for “Thanksgiving.”


That is all…

At Steak

WHO says red meat probably causes cancer? Well, in moderation, a steak seared in a cast-iron skillet with a salad dressed in vinaigrette and blue cheese, in a pool of beef drippings, is still a favorite dinner around here… (See my posts “Searing Steak” and “A Simple Vinaigrette.”)

Truc (Tip): Pair a red wine with this to counteract at least your heart attack risk!

Tomber dans les pommes

Something about falling into apples, or maybe drinking too much cider…

These French ciders are less sweet than American ones and are more reminiscent of dried leaves and earth than apples:

Chinon, oui ou non?

What makes cabernet franc Chinon? Terroir, of course; but what are the special qualities of Chinon, and how does it vary within the region? Find some answers and maybe more questions at the New York Times’ Wine School:


For a simple, but decadent, breakfast or brunch, serve caviar on scrambled eggs. Include some creme fraiche and a fresh baguette, and Champagne, if you dare…

More Room for Mushrooms 

Layer after layer of mushrooms—a mushroom mille feuille… I, for one, can never get enough. Try this recipe from Dirty French:

What to Drink Now 

It’s always time for Cabernet Franc somewhere…


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