Fiola Mare

Land and sea meet at Fiola Mare, Washington’s best restaurant according to the Washingtonian, and you can dream you are on the Mediterranean even if it’s only the Potomac.

The seafood platter, full of raw and cooked shellfish

King salmon with escargots and Swiss chard on polenta

Wild halibut with apricots, lettuce, mushrooms, and truffle

Chocolate semifreddo with pistachio and basil accoutrements

Lemon and cherry spumoni of mousse and foam

Fruity Clafoutis

This dish is perfect for putting to use those farmers’ market finds. Combine summer stone fruit with bountiful berries and pour a batter on top; it’s as simple as that. See my post “A Cheery Clafoutis” for the recipe.


The Mediterranean has the coloring of mackerel, changeable I mean.

—from a letter by Vincent van Gogh

No Food Is an Island 

The Brexit has major implications for the import and export of food. Isolationism is a dangerous thing; it limits variety as well as elements essential to daily living. As a safeguard against famine, the Union provides protection for production and procurement. Free trade is the nourishment of a nation.

Inn the Farmers’ Market 

The Inn at Little Washington is opening a farmers’ market for those who would like a taste of the place without making a major investment. It starts July 3 and runs every Sunday until November.

The World’s 50 Best

The magazine Restaurant has announced its 50 best restaurants list:

Strawberry Tart

Nothing could be sweeter than strawberries set in creme patissiere. Start with a pate brisee (see the tip in my post “Tart Shell Trick”), and then make the pastry cream:

When these are completely cool, assemble by spreading the cream inside the pastry and arranging lightly macerated strawberries on top.

BLT Salad

This BLT salad is ideal for gluten-intolerants. Begin with fresh produce from your local farmers’ market; that is, lettuce and heirloom tomatoes. Slice some bacon into lardons and brown until crispy. To dress, whisk a few spoons of homemade mayonnaise (see my post “Mayonnaise”) with a splash of vinegar, salt and pepper to taste, and enough oil to thin it; toss well using your fingers to coat each leaf—no bread needed.

Tasting Note

Every two weeks, Wine Spectator posts a tasting note for you to guess the wine. This is good practice for your wine knowledge:

The Inn

The chef and owner, Patrick O’Connell, opened The Inn at Little Washington in 1978 in a former garage, and took it all the way to Relais & Chateaux status in 1987. It cleaned up well, and encases art and antiques, chintz and silk, tapestries and tablecloths, flowers and finery…and let’s not forget ineffable food!

Ambient lighting 

Amuse-bouches of a potato tuile with pimento cheese, cucumber with creme fraiche and trout roe, and crispy pork belly

Truffled popcorn for the show

Split-pea soup and a gougere

House-made bread and an extensive wine list

“Tin of Sin” with caviar, crab, and cucumber

A golden egg with foie gras mousse, Sauternes gelee, and blood orange–rhubarb preserves

Tuna salad with cucumber noodles and sorbet in an Asian dressing

Lamb carpaccio and Caesar salad ice cream

Veal tongue with pickled root vegetables and horseradish ice cream

Macaroni and cheese with aged Gouda and Virginia country ham

Duck breast and foie gras with preserved cherries

Veal loin in prosciutto on fontina cheese ravioli

Herb-crusted lamb loin on French lentils

A “Dreamsicle” of orange sorbet and vanilla ice cream

A lovely selection of dessert wines and digestifs

Chocolate and caramel tart with olive oil ice cream


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