Cuckoo for Le Coucou

The experience is complete at Le Coucou, where Daniel Rose cooks classic French cuisine. From the breathtaking bar at the entrance to the depths of the dining room, a dark, sparkling glow surrounds you. Service is attentive and efficient all the way around. Lobster salad includes a head of Bibb lettuce and a roasted tomato, the quenelle is an egg-shaped pike mousse, “Tout le Lapin” is … Continue reading Cuckoo for Le Coucou

Orange you glad I posted this?

If you have leftover oranges or clementines, this bejeweled dessert makes a gorgeous alternative to heavier ones… Make a spiced syrup by simmering two cups of red wine, a half-cup of sugar, four juniper berries, two cloves, one cinnamon stick, and the zest of an orange for about an hour or until a bit thickened. Supreme (see my post “The Supreme Grapefruit”) oranges or clementines … Continue reading Orange you glad I posted this?

Thonet Chair No. 14

In the mid-nineteenth century, Michael Thonet, a German-Austrian cabinetmaker, began steaming and bending wood into charming chairs. This lightweight bentwood seating started popping up everywhere in Europe, especially in coffee shops.  The distinctive design has been copied around the world, and for good reason. It’s easy to move, comfortable, and elegant at that! Whether in your dining room or at your bedside stacked with books, … Continue reading Thonet Chair No. 14

Bib Gourmand

A section of the Michelin guide since 1955, the Bib Gourmand rating is given to exceptional value restaurants. That means that the food is of a high quality without the expense of that in a star-rated establishment. “Bib” is a nickname for Bibendum, the Michelin man. In the first guide for Washington, D.C., this year, four of Jose Andres’s restaurants received the Bib Gourmand (and … Continue reading Bib Gourmand